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Welcome to WondeRay Academy

Kids Community & Achievement Center

Our goal is to instill a love of learning through engaging and challenging enrichment programs in Ukrainian, Russian and English.


Наша цель, привить любовь к учению через увлекательные

и развивающие программы  

Our Story / Наша История

WondeRay Academy opened in 2008 on the basis of early development classes under the leadership of Tatyana Antselevich. The school's goal is to unite bilingual families in NJ; to preserve, support, and teach Russian; and to promote the overall early development of NJ children.

Tatyana has devoted her entire life to studying well-known methods of early development and has developed her own methodology for teaching children to speak, read, write, and express themselves.


The main secret in teaching is the emotional reinforcement of everything that is offered.

"Play and learn, learn and play."


In the classroom, children are offered fun games of all types, directions in both languages, the Sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography), and social orientation. Theater classes also help children get acquainted with the classics, train their memory, develop speech, create a foundation of knowledge, improvise, and express their opinions. 


Theater classes for kids-from Music with Mom and preschool matinees, to middle and high school children with competitions, tours and talents-has become the easiest form of maintaining the difficult Russian language for older children. These classes allow children to use information, resources, and connections, and to be the best in their regular schools. Theater also helps teachers and parents to educate independent, self-confident, interesting, creative people; it fosters friendships between children, as well as lifelong friendships between Russian-speaking families. 

Meet Our Director
Познакомиться с Директором

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Tatyana Antselevich

Tatyana has been an educator/instructor of music and the Russian language for over 25 years. She has taught in Russia, Israel, and the Unites States, and has a focus in early childhood education. Tatyana believes that inspiring children to have a love for learning  should be the most important goal for adults. “When an activity is interesting and joyful, naturally, you will want to repeat it again and again; and repetition is the source of learning.
Play with your kids and they will learn everything you teach them quickly and happily,” says Tatyana. 

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