Talent Day Care

"Learning through play"

At Talent Daycare, we offer a full daycare service in Russian and in English for infants through children age 5 years. Children will develop social and motor skills through interactive play, math, music, literacy, crafts, and conversation.

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Our daycare offers:

  • Full daycare

  • A morning infant, preschool, pre K and K program from 9am-12:30pm

  • An after school program from 11:30am,12:30pm, and 3-6 pm


Each morning, preschoolers in our program have the opportunity to develop academic and social skills through interactive play, math, music, crafts, conversation, and story time. Children will gain new vocabulary through discussions in Russian and in English, as well as develop motor skills and problem solving abilities through a variety of hands-on activities. 

Infants: We provide a safe, welcoming environment where your baby can grow from a bundle of joy into a bundle of curiosity. Your baby's caregiver is a nurturing child development professional who is focused on keeping your baby happy, engaged, and secure. The time spent in a home-like environment for learning, individualized attention, and experiences with caring and attentive caregivers are the main curriculum for infants. We create experiences that invite exploration and support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child's first year.

Math: Children learn about values, basic shapes, colors and numbers. Classes are based on different methods of early development. We use manipulatives like blocks and play dough, as well as board games and puzzles, to develop motor skills, memory, and logical thinking. As children get older, math games are complemented by written assignments, like practicing numeral formation.


Language & Literacy: Toddlers build a strong vocabulary at a very quick rate. They enjoy naming and discussing everything that they see, and they are ready to converse with other children in their age group. Children are also laying the groundwork for reading and writing; they enjoy being read to, as well as "reading" on their own as they look through familiar books. We are also beginning to build an understanding of the correspondence between sounds and letters, and we facilitate conversations to develop new vocabulary and word memory so that they can communicate in increasingly complex ways.


Art: During art class, children enjoy the sensory pleasures of the art materials, and focus on the process of creating art, rather than on the final product. They have a chance to explore new textures and projects, and to expand their imagination. Every age group benefits from art classes and gain more creative independence as they get older. The projects get a little more complex and the kids get to have a bigger part in the process. They get to use a wider variety of art supplies as well. Having their work displayed around the day care brings them great pride, and they cannot wait to impress their parents with their projects!


Music/Dance: Young children use their motor skills to explore the creative arts. They make sounds by banging and shaking instruments and household items. They enjoy dancing, doing finger plays, and acting out chants and songs. Children this age are also gaining control over their voices and will join in singing their favorite songs. 


Snack & Lunch: We serve a hot lunch every day, and children may bring their own morning and afternoon snacks.


Rest Time: We believe it is important for young children to get enough rest in order to continue growing and developing. Children in our after school program have nap time each day after lunch.

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In the afternoon, we provide opportunities for structured playtime and exploration where children can interact with one another, use their imaginations, and develop gross and fine motor skills.