The situation with COVID-19 presents many new challenges for schools and for families.

 At Wonderay Academy, we provide opportunities for children to continue

learning both in person and online classes through the week and on Saturdays.:

  • ​Space and supervision for remote learning for children K-4th gr who are online in they are own school, but located in our school and parents are working.

  • Online and in person enrichment classes throughout the week and on Saturdays.

  • Full bilingual online and offline day care classes for kids through age 5.5.

**We take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all children and staff, including social distancing, use of masks, and frequent hand washing and cleaning of surfaces and toys.**

Registration for 2020-2021 is OPEN NOW:

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Language is a way of communicating and expressing emotions; today, multilingualism has become the norm. We use a variety of vivid games and activities for language enrichment that will help children learn/maintain Russian, get familiar with traditions, and be able to connect and communicate with peers in other countries. Bilingual children tend to have a good memory, quick reactions, and good math skills and logic.



We use the Singapore Math program in order to challenge kids' knowledge of mathematics and reasoning. We also collaborate with an SAT tutor and offer private lessons as well as group classes.


Dear WondeRay Families:


Due to the Covid-19 crisis, school districts in our area are selecting a wide variety of on-site and remote learning schedule options for the upcoming fall semester. Parents will be able to choose a fully remote option for their students or follow the hybrid model that is in place for your school district.


We are responding to the needs of families in our community by offering the Remote Learning Program at the Talent DC, so that parents and guardians can fulfill their work obligations, even when their children are not physically in school. Because our facility is ample space to appropriately social distance separate groups throughout the day. Students will be kept in their pre-determined groups throughout the day and week.


When school is in session, our staff will ensure that students are connected remotely through our high tech WIFI system with their own teachers, who will be streaming live from their classrooms. While we will assist children with their remote learning needs, Wonderay will not be able to provide one-on-one tutoring services.


Parents will be given the opportunity to choose what they would like their child to do after school. They can either do homework or participate in fun activities until they get picked up. This will include field/court activities, arts and crafts, laser tag and arcade time.


We will be following the CDC and Health Department guidelines, as we are currently doing for our Summer Camp. All safety protocols and procedures are already in place at the Talent DC. Temperature checks will be given to all students when they arrive and not be able to enter the building if their temperature is over 100.4. Face coverings will be required as mandated by the state. Students will wash their hands on a regular basis and use the many sanitizing stations throughout the building.


Tatyana Antselevich



In our chess classes, children learn the rules of chess, and they practice working with their peers and thinking critically and strategically. 



For older children, possibilities for music lessons include guitar, trumpet, saxophone, and piano. We also offer "Music with Mom,"a class for children 9-30 months. This can be a great way to spend time with your child and expose them to music and rhythm.



At our center, the favorite and most popular form of maintaining the Ukrainian and Russian languages has become Russian Kids Theater. Children learn songs and poems, and they stage works of classical and modern literature. Click here to learn more about our theater program.


Remote Learning

Many school-aged children are engaging in remote learning for the 2020-2021 school year; for parents who need to work, this can be a challenge. Our center is offering space and supervision for school-aged children to complete their remote schoolwork/meetings, with the option to take enrichment classes during the second half of the day.


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